Thursday, December 27, 2012


Ok, so it has been a looong while once again...

One would wonder "Why is he even writing here still...?" Another one would ask himself "Why would I even subscribe to something that comes once a year...?"

Well both of these questions are complicated to say the least... De-motivation is all around me and everyone of us... I am really struggling to keep this blog consistent for these reasons:
1. Let's face it, no one uses this site... :D
2. Well... No one is reading this anyway, since no one is using this site and no one looks for this kind of stuff.
But despite all that I am not shutting this down no matter what (unless I get banned for using labels incorrectly or something) because this is a good page for me to read up on what I was thinking before, and remind me how certain I was about making this in the first place. Good news is, I am still going after this goal, the bad news is, I really don't get enough time to write and work on this every day. I get back from school and I am so tired I don't want to do anything, then when a holiday such as Christmas comes, I really need a few days of rest just to get my head straight, but once I'm there... The work continues.

I am in 62 pages right now and the fun on the story is finally beginning. I really gonna need to work on polishing it after it's done but I don't want to get ahead of myself. So anyways, future me, stay strong and motivated, you'll need it!

P.s. since I can't find an artist to work with me, I am starting to learn how to draw myself (oh boy...) as well as making some sample music, I really thing that with a lot of work I can make soundtrack for my novels as well! Self high-five!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update #5

OK, so this will be just a little quick update of a couple of changes in the story.

When I started the novel I was thinking of making a story where harem is one of the important genres (yes, I know that harem isn't necessarily all about girls teasing or... well... panty shots and close-sex situations ;p, but it usually is, and it is arousing even though some people may not admit that), but statistics clearly show that people not in Japan are not too fond with fan service :p (idiots).
Don't get me wrong though, I'm not some kind of a sellout and I'm gonna make a story that I am satisfied with. My goal is to make at least one stranger fall in love with my work, saying that, however, it would feel way better if more than one guy enjoys my works :) and that's why I won't be putting as much fan service related stuff as I was previously gonna, but like I said, I want to make the best harem (with no pussy-coward main character) so 5/6 girls I've planned will stay in the story as main characters.

I just realized that the upper paragraph may not be that easy to understand to some ;D but that's what happens to me sometimes, I have a point, yet it's sometimes hard for me to express it. But anyway, these are the genres that I think will stick to the very end:

Main: Action, demons, fantasy, comedy, slight horror (such as blood (obviously) and some indications of psychological horror like madness. After all, it's demons, and not some kind of funny looking or kindhearted ones or even some naked babies, (mini game: find where these references are from :D) I'm talking about DEMONS. I shall expand this in greater detail in the future. Probably not near future.)

Sub-genres: Harem, ecchi

Ye, I think that's about it, at least for now  :).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Dear Diary (and 5 other people),

I am truly sorry for abandoning you for quite a couple of months now. Why I did it?
Simply cause I didn't have any news considering my book. I slacked off because I used to come home pretty damn late and tired. I had winter exams to be ready for as well as having a lot of after school activities. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I have studied but not so much that it would require my full day attention for it. I've also started to read a couple of novels (bijuaru noberu to be exact. What the f**k is that? Well, it would be simpler if you just googled it, but it's like a reading a book with sound and some anime style drawing to help you get in the story. In other words, it's awesome. If I would make something like that, I would be able to rest in piece :D) and, just to tell the whole truth, I've been trying out some of many games that came out in the end of 2011.

Well, I know I've falsely said it quite a few times now (-.- sorry) but now I'm back.

To be honest, I wasn't planning on writing in the blog for at least this one more week (winter vacation) but I got an email saying that there's a new face and a comment on one of the previous posts (welcome aboard to the blog of almost complete emptiness!)

Even though I didn't actually write on the paper, where my chapters are, I was putting down a bunch of notes in my scrapbook involving further character and story development so it's not like I didn't work on my life's goal at all.

I have written a couple of pages just before writing this blog, so unless some shit goes down in school after the vacation, it's safe to say, that the work now officially continues.

Once again, thanks for joining and support to the new guy and to everyone else. Having support even if you don't know the people in person means and helps a lot. Please recommend this to anyone who you think might be interested. Thanks again, have the best of 2012 (at least until Earth explodes or something else happens :D)

Peace off.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Well that was fun! Well, not too much, really. I spent most of my summer with my family and friends. Nothing fancy this year, but small trips and wish to just take a chill from school and other activities got over even me. But my spirits are strong and dedicated. New chapter of my life and book has just started and I'm hoping for the best results. It will be great to see how much work will be done after this thread as well as my book will live for a year. I'm sorry I didn't make a note of going away, but let's face the reality, not many people are interested here anyway :D.
Well, best of wishes to everybody. I'm signing out and getting ready to get some story writing done!

p.s. got my pc full of all sorts of anime ready to watch as well:D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Screw the studies, I have a book to write.

Well, the summer is almost here, exams are almost done and passed (well, sort of :D you never know...) not sure what I'm going to do during it exactly, but I definitely won't have so much free time to write my current life's goal. But no matter where I'll go, I'll put down notes and progress with developing and story's progress with hand (I'm writing using Microsoft World) and with my own head so when I return, I would return with at least a couple of good chapters. The 4th chapter is around middle way through atm and I'm still full of spirit to write. In fact, I sometimes even feel a bit sad when I go to bed all tired knowing that that day I didn't write a single word.
 So anyway, I'm guessing that by the time 4th chapter comes out, my vacation will start as well as a break from writing. (:( ) Also, I'm planning on my second visit to Japan somewhere in the upcoming few years. I was there for a week last time when I was around 15, probably around same will be this time as well. It's an amazing country with great history and scenery, besides, who loves manga and anime and has no wish of ever at least visiting is quite crazy in my opinion. I'm also interested where 50 bucks I donated after the tsunami went to (a joke, it's a joke). Well, see you later. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So, how's everyone doing? Shout out to the 3rd follower! :)
It feels really good to know, that someone actually decided to take a look here. Special thanks to the guy with random nick generator, it seems like he'll be of some use during my story writing days (lol, I don't mean this in any offensive way ofc :D)
So, the 4th chapter is still being developed. It turns out, and I should say this right a way, that the days when I have the most free time in in winter and autumn so my work will be indeed slower than before, so I decided to post a couple of random posts (not going away from the topic too much ofc) once in a while.
Strangely enough, I already know the how the last chapter will go :D So the story is done already, all that's missing is to put it all on a piece of paper and involve loads dialogues and character development (bah!)
So, that will be it for the time being. Like always, I appreciate all the support (3 people is already more than I expected to have at this point :)).

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update #4

Finally done with the bloody 3rd chapter; 41pages, 25K words. This one took a whole month and who knows how long 4th chapter will take me. On to overall progress now. Got 5 main characters developed (still need at least 1/2 girls for full harem) as well as all the enemies of the story. Need to figure right places to use them all now, lol. Also, I guess I should say this because people (if it will come to bigger numbers someday :D ) surely will want to see some extract material from the novel itself, but I see no point in posting something that WILL be edited multiple times, for I can't call this novel even a beta version seeing how it only has 3 chapters so far. Plus you know, what's the point of showing it all to two people lolz. What I can share with you however is content list so far that I will update with time:
1. New Life
2. Scarlet of the Past.
3. First Appearances

So that's how it looks so far. I didn't make any posts earlier for I was burning with a need to finish 3rd chapter before posting anything in here. However, I've decided to not do that and update this more often with progress and other random things, I'm not asking nor expecting a lot of people here, but some comments and other people views and opinions would help out a lot.  So anyway, reporting out for now :) make sure to comment and perhaps show this blog to friends that are interested in mangas and things like that.